Vita survival-horror title Silent Hill: Book of Memories has today suffered another setback.

Originally slated to launch alongside the Vita in February, the game was put back to March, to take part in Konami’s ‘Month of Madness’ and be released alongside Silent Hill: HD Collection and Silent Hill: Downpour. However, just days before it was due on shelves, retailers changed their dates to May 31st, with Konami later simply confirming it had been put back, with no new date given.

Now it appears the same has happened again. Destructoid today noticed that the release date had changed yet again on Amazon, with the online retailer touting an October 31st launch for the game. Konami later confirmed a delay to IGN, and at least this time confirmed the month, stating:
“We’ve targeted an October release date for Silent Hill: Book of Memories, but we have not announced a specific day.”

Now, I’m almost tempted to say this is a bit of a blow for the Vita’s sparse release schedule, but… does anyone really care about Book of Memories? I know I don’t. I’m a big fan of the Silent Hill franchise, and I can’t even manage to muster an illusion of enthusiasm for it. It’s not that it looks particularly bad, but a Silent Hill entry that’s a top-down, multiplayer isometric shooter? Really, Konami? Who asked for that?

Fans needn’t worry…

It’s possible that a few more months in development might be just what Californian developer WayForward Technologies needs to turn Book of Memories into a high quality game, but I can’t see that happening unless they either change the genre or unchain the title from the Silent Hill IP.