It’s Monday, and we’re back to celebrate the very best in videogame music! On today’s agenda: the masterpiece that is Metroid Prime.

Last year I replayed Metroid Prime on the Wii (thanks to the wonderful Metroid Prime Trilogy), and when talking about it with friends, I was surprised at how few of them had even heard of the Metroid franchise. Of those that knew of Samus’ adventures, only one had actually played one of her games.

Now, I can kind of understand people missing out on Metroid Prime, seeing as the GameCube didn’t do as well as it deserved to, but for gamers to not have heard of the franchise at all?? I’ve been trying to remedy this sad state of affairs ever since. To that end, I present:

Phendrana Drifts by Kenji Yamamoto

Metroid as a series is known for its sense of immersion, and this piece of music is a perfect example of how that is achieved. The synth soundscapes form a base that serves to remind you that you’re alone on a strange alien planet, while the glacial piano keys and echoing effects perfectly encapsulate the frigid cold of the land Samus is traversing.

That it also inspired this amazing cover version by Metroid Metal’s Stemage is an added string in its bow.

Phendrana Drifts – Metroid Metal by Stemage

If I were to write up a list of my Top Ten Games of All Time (which I won’t, as it’d be too difficult to decide what to cut out), Metroid Prime would make the list without argument. It really is that good. If you have the means to play it, you owe it to yourself to do so.