Reports have sprung up across the web that Sony have announced two new Playstation Vita bundles for Europe that will include a 4GB memory card.

Bizarrely, all the reports seem to link to a German website ( that does not link to any source of its own. You’d expect, you know, a press release or announcement from Sony regarding these bundles. The post is accompanied by an image, which you can see below. Elaborate hoax? I’ll let you be the judge.

The two alleged bundles are as follows: For €249 you’ll (supposedly) be able to net a WiFi Vita, 4GB card and a copy of Uncharted: Golden Abyss. An extra €50 will snag you a 3G-enabled console and a download code for Motorstorm:RC, and the same 4GB card.

I’m very skeptical about this. Quite how Sony have managed to announce this with no announcement is a pretty bloody impressive – I’ve checked the Sony Europe site (both UK and German editions) for a press release and found nothing. So is this a photoshopped exercise in mass trolling, or an early leak?

Either way, I hope this kind of bundle happens sooner rather than later. Many prospective Vita owners have – quite rightly – turned their noses up at the need for and prices of Sony’s proprietary Vita memory cards, especially as some games require one to even be played. Throwing the cheapest, lowest-capacity card in as a freebie is a good way to mitigate this somewhat.

I’ll keep my eyes and ears peeled as this develops, and if I find definitive proof of the existence of these bundles I’ll update accordingly. But in the meantime, what do you think? Would an included card be enough to sway you?