Details of Bungie’s new “sci-fantasy, action shooter” project have leaked onto the net, an unfortunate side-effect of the Activision vs West/Zampella case.

The Halo developer’s contract with Activision was made public as part of the publisher’s ongoing legal spat with the Call of Duty creators and subsequently published by the New York Times. The document refers to Bungie’s new universe as Destiny (a name we’ve seen before, so it could still be at the codename stage) and states that it will launch on Xbox 360 and Microsoft’s next console in 2013. Activision and Bungie are apparently considering a PS3 port.

The document also reveals that Bungie are under contract to deliver four games in this new franchise, one every other year until 2019, and these titles will also appear on PC and Playstation 4 if the publisher deems them feasible. The gaps in between will be filled with downloadable content packs codenamed ‘Comet’, and although the game will launch at retail, it will also be supported with subscriptions and micro-transactions.

All of this seems to tally with the general assumption that Bungie are prepping a Shooter-MMO hybrid, and I have to say I’m a little disappointed. I’m a massive Bungie fan, but I’m not an MMO player (perhaps that will change when Phantasy Star Online 2 launches for the Vita and I can quest anywhere, anytime?); I was hoping for something more single-player based. Maybe I’ll get over my misgivings come release and jump in, focusing on the fact that I adore Bungie’s last big Sci-Fi universe? But then I’m pretty sure I wondered the same thing when I first heard that Knights of the Old Republic was going the MMO route…

It’s easy to feel sorry for Bungie in all this – they have, after all, just had their entire release schedule for the rest of the decade exposed to the scrutiny of the internet. There’s a nice little bonus nugget squirreled away in the contract, however: Bungie are allowed to work on a Marathon follow-up in the meantime. Well, five percent of them are. Still, it’s a start, right?