In a press release that has utterly made my day, Sega has announced that classic Dreamcast tag-’em-up Jet Set Radio, set for a PSN/XBL/PC HD update some time this summer, will also be released on PlayStation Vita.

The handheld version will be playable at E3, and will sport a couple of Vita-specific additions: players will be able to tag their graffiti sites with touchscreen movements, and the Vita camera will be used in an as-yet unspecified manner. Sega said that the release is otherwise identical to its PC/home console brethren, including “the original funky soundtrack that rocked the ears of gamers worldwide in 2000.”

There’s no news yet as to whether Jet Set Radio Vita will be a boxed or digital release, but it matters not; this is the best Vita news I’ve heard since launch, and today is certainly a good day to be a Sega fan. Now I just have to decide whether to buy the game on console or Vita…

Who am I kidding. I’ll be getting it for both.