Game Informer have updated their cover images for the new Gears of War game, and have revealed the title as Gears of War: Judgment.

There are two variants of the image; one with mouthy git Damon Baird in chains, the other featuring everybody’s favourite thrashball star Augustus “Cole Train” Cole. The back cover image shows Locust drones and wretches scrambling through a hole in a wall while a city burns in the background, capturing the Gears series’ iconic “destroyed beauty” aesthetic.

Just what is going on here? Why are Cole and Baird in chains? It’s certainly thrown me for a loop! But it’s not the only Judgment news today, as earlier on Epic Games President Mike Capps let slip that Polish studio People Can Fly (Painkiller, Bulletstorm) are involved in the development of the game. He tweeted, “Do I detect People Can Fly involvement?” YES YES YES!”

Note he said “involvement”, and didn’t define that term. They could be helping out, or they could be developing the whole game. We’ll have to wait for Microsoft’s Monday E3 briefing to find out…