In other HD remaster news, cult favourite Okami is set to release on the PlayStation Network this Autumn.

Originally outed by Famitsu, the PlayStation Blog has since confirmed the HD version will be coming West. Originally released on PS2 to critical acclaim, Okami massively undersold at retail, moving around 600,000 copies worldwide as of March 2009, earning it a Guinness world record for the lowest sales for a Game of the Year-winning title. A subsequent re-release on the Nintendo Wii only garnered Capcom another 280,000 copies. Despite this, a Nintendo DS sequel, Okamiden, arrived last year, and Capcom has previously stated an interest in creating more sequels.

The PlayStation 3 remaster will arrive on PSN as a digital download, and support PlayStation Move controls for sun goddess Amaterasu’s Celestial Brush. It will also include a full suite of trophies.

This is more good news for me, as I’ve never managed to play Okami. I’ve heard a lot about it from friends, with one even describing it as “the best Zelda game not starring Link”. I’ve been planning on picking up the Wii version for well over a year now, but my enormous backlog always brings me crashing back down to Earth. Now, with a beautiful HD remaster (for which you can see the trailer below), I’ll be able to experience Okami at its best, even if I do suspect I’d enjoy it more on the Vita. But still, I’m buying it. Who else is in?