An eagle-eyed Neogaf user has outed an Xbox release of Dreamcast sequel Sonic Adventure 2, posting (now-removed) images from the product page on The above image refers to the game as an HD remaster, suggesting Sega will take more care with it than they did with the original Sonic Adventure, which was nothing more than an upscaled 4:3 port. The screenshots posted by GAF user Kokonoe seems to bear this out (as well as seeming to confirm a nice, 16:9 fullscreen presentation), and you can see an image of the City Escape level below.

This is good news for me, as I never finished Sonic Adventure 2 (I got so annoyed by one of Knuckles’ digging levels that I abandoned the game, but City Escape was great fun, as was its rendition in Sonic Generations), and having it conveniently stored on my hard-drive, ready to go whenever I feel like it, will be great.

It also seems that Sega is really upping its game with respect to their HD releases of much-loved Dreamcast titles. After a handful of lazy, upscaled ports (often missing vital elements, such as Crazy Taxi‘s licensed soundtrack), it looks like we’re getting a truly remastered 16:9 Sonic Adventure 2. Coupled with the massive amount of care and attention the company seems to be paying to the much-anticipated, forthcoming Jet Set Radio re-release, it seems that Sega has finally realised that they need to care about their IP as much as their fans do.

This also bodes well for possible releases of the more oft-requested Dreamcast titles, such as Shenmue I and II, and Skies of Arcadia. Personally, I’d love to see Grandia II get a re-release, though as it’s a Game Arts/Ubisoft title, it may not be within Sega’s scope for these re-releases. One thing’s for sure though, I’m very excited to see what comes next!