A website has appeared confirming Final Fantasy VII for PC, and it indicates the game will be “coming soon”.

It’s the same website that cropped up a couple of weeks ago and sparked a raft of “OMGWTF FFVII REMAKE FOR PC!!!1!!1” comments  internet-wide, despite the fact that it seemed to clearly indicate it would simply be a PC re-release with added achievements.

The site has been updated with images, downloadable wallpapers and character bios, and the ‘features’ section promises cloud saves and a new character booster which allows you to “…increase your HP, MP and Gil levels to their maximum, all with the simple click of a button…”. Are there people out there that really want to ruin an RPG with such a system..?

There are no screenshots to ogle, and no mention of rendering resolutions, so there’s no way to tell yet how much, if any, work has been done on the title. The stated minimum specs (2Ghz or faster processor, 1GB ram, DX9…) seem very high for a 15-year-old PSX game, which makes me wonder if it’s merely the Playstation version running inside an emulator.

Despite the slightly amateurish look of the site, it has been confirmed as legitimately registered to Square-Enix, who have also said more details will be forthcoming within the next 24 hours. A (slightly shonky) trailer has also popped up online to accompany the website, complete with gravelly “Movie Guy” voice-over, which you can see below.

I’m not sure what to make of this. It’s good that it’ll be available to more people now, but I can’t imagine the number of people who really want to play it that don’t own a PS3 or PSP (and soon, Vita) is that high. Moreover, the ‘quality’ of the website suggests to me that Square-Enix won’t be lavishing a lot of cash on this release, so it’s unlikely to contain anything that those of us that have saved the Planet countless times haven’t seen. The website also mentions that the game will be available exclusively on the Square-Enix store, further limiting it’s reach – why isn’t it coming out on Steam?

So for now, I’m sitting on the fence. I already have a PSN (SEN?) copy that I can play on my PS3, PSP and soon Vita, and I still have my original PS1 discs. I’ll be waiting to see if this version offers anything more than meaningless achievements and a cheat mode. Let’s see what we hear in the next 24 hours.

You can see more at http://finalfantasyviipc.com/en