Namco-Bandai Games has today confirmed that the latest installment in the much-loved Tales of jRPG series will see release in Europe next year.

Tales of Xillia, a PS3 exclusive, was released last year in Japan to coincide with the series’ 15th anniversary, and a sequel has already been announced for Japan. Fans have been wondering for a while if the first game would make it’s way west, as the Tales of series has typically been a little spotty for releases outside of Japan.

However, Namco-Bandai seems to be increasingly interested in making sure their flagship RPG series reaches a wider audience. First we had the 3DS port of the wonderful Tales of the Abyss (which unfortunately released in rather limited numbers and can still be a little hard to find) and then the lavish, recently-announced Day One edition for Tales of Graces f. I said at the time that that announcement was a good sign that Xillia would make it over here.

Tales of Xillia will launch in Europe some time next year, and while that may seem far off, keep in mind that Tales of Graces f is mere weeks away now, as it will release at the end of August. I almost feel greedy in hoping we see the Vita game Tales of Innocence R, but hey, the more the merrier!

If you’ve never played a Tales of game and feel a bit let down with the jRPGs we’ve received this gen, I urge you to try out one of Namco-Bandai’s titles. You may well rediscover something you thought was lost.