A new, extended trailer has appeared online for Halo 4 companion piece Forward Unto Dawn. It depicts young UNSC cadet Thomas Lasky and his first encounter with the Master Chief. This encounter inspires him to eventually become a leader aboard the Infinity, the massive UNSC ship seen descending through the clouds in Halo 4‘s E3 demo.

The webseries, which will run in the five weeks leading up to the game’s November 6th release, is also said to depict the origins of the Human-Covenant war, and stars Daniel Cudmore (X-Men 2/The Last Stand‘s Colossus) as Master Chief and The Chronicles of Narnia‘s Anna Popplewell as Cadet Silva.

It looks very well-realised, and makes me wish someone would consider a full-fledged TV series in the vein of Battlestar Galactica’s reboot. See the full-length trailer below.

There’s also a new behind-the-scenes video courtesy of IGN, which you can also see below.

I can’t wait for Forward Unto Dawn to get started, and as a huge Halo fan, I can only hope someone sees the potential in this extended foray into live-action. Perhaps we’ll see that Halo film someday after all.