Less than a week after it was (accidentally?) listed on their website, Sega Japan has published a lengthy trailer for Yakuza 1+2 HD on the official Yakuza youtube channel.

As it’s all in Japanese, I haven’t a clue what’s going on (aside from understanding a few words here and there), but it’s certainly a very stylish trailer, spread evenly between showing both games running in HD. You can see the trailer below.

There is also now an official site for the re-release, where a comparison image can also be found. The image, below, shows the PS3 version looking a little smoother, with better anti-aliasing and a greater draw distance.

According to Andriasang, the official website also states that the game includes an option to install data to the PS3’s hard drive for better load times, so that seems to confirm that Yakuza 1+2 HD will be a physical retail disc, rather than a PSN download.

There’s still no word on a Western release, though considering all the main series games so far have reached these shores, there’s reason to be hopeful. There would also be no need to budget for any localisation work, as it’s already been done in the initial PS2 releases. And while I’d happily buy a copy on PS3, I’d absolutely jump at the chance to get this on my Vita!