Kotaku have reported that, according to a couple of sources, Final Fantasy Versus XIII is no more.

Fans have been clamouring for the title, which is a part of the overarching Fabula Nova Crystallis universe (comprising Versus, Final Fantasy XIII, XIII-2 and originally Agito, which became Type-0) since it was first unveiled at E3 2006 with a stunning trailer. We’ve seen and heard precious little since, which has led many to declare the game vapourware.

See Final Fantasy Versus XIII in action

Kotaku’s sources differ as to the fate of the game, with one stating that Square-Enix will simply let it die without any announcement, fearing a hit to their share price, while the second source states that the game’s development schedule and resources have been folded into another game entirely. Whether this means actual in-game assets or simply workforce is not made clear.

If this rumour is actually true, surely it’d be better to take the second option; canning everything from a game that’s been six years in development, that has already been shown publicly, has undergone VA casting and even has a theme song (‘Somnus’, which is available in Japan as DLC for Theatrhythm) seems like a monumental waste of resources. With all the problems Final Fantasy XIV‘s launch has suffered, as well as the lower-than-expected sales for XIII-2, surely Square-Enix can’t afford to dump it all and start from scratch?

The game’s theme song in Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

That’s why I’m incredibly skeptical of this rumour. While it may be telling that Square-Enix have not moved to rubbish these claims, surely some use will be made of those assets? Perhaps the rumours prior to E3 that Versus XIII will actually be renamed and become Final Fantasy XV (which I scoffed at at the time) will actually amount to something? I certainly hope so, as Versus XIII looked to be the most inventive game from the Japanese developer in some time.

Only Square-Enix knows the true fate of Final Fantasy Versus XIII, and they’re remaining tight-lipped. The company has a couple of Final Fantasy events in the coming months where we may hear more (though one of these is centred around the Final Fantasy XIII Project and the Lightning saga – will we see confirmation of the rumoured Final Fantasy XIII-3?), and of course September will bring Tokyo Game Show 2012. Another no-show at TGS will only fuel the fire.