Halo Waypoint have released a new video showing off the human UNSC weapons we can expect to wield against the Master Chief’s foes on the mysterious world of Requiem this winter.

The video also showcases three new weapons: the Sticky Detonator is a short-to-medium range weapon that launches sticky projectiles that can be remote-detonated by the wielder; the Saw is a massive rapid-fire machine gun; and the Railgun, another short-to-medium range weapon, fires single, charged shots and looks like it has serious one-shot potential.

It’s good to see both the battle rifle and the DMR make it in (personally, I am a massive fan of the DMR thanks to Reach), and the low-key audio in this video (there’s an alt version with awful, awful dubstep) allows us to hear how much meatier the weapons sound. The two aforementioned rifles sound suitably ferocious, but the sniper rifle takes the cake; that thing sounds terrifying. Unfortunately, it seems the shotgun sounds like a balloon popping.

How these weapons will slot into the existing Halo sandbox (along with the swanky-looking Forerunner weaponry) remains to be seen, and hopefully these new toys won’t upset Halo’s renowned weapon balancing. As things stand, I have faith that 343i know what they’re doing, and I’m looking forward to finding out for myself when Halo 4 releases this November.