Come on, you knew this was coming. Yes, it’s Friday again, and we’ve already established that this means new DLC for Theatrhythm is now available. Today, we have three battle tracks, one of which is a favourite of mine, and another Field track from Final Fantasy XIII filling out the roster.

First up, we have the fantastic ‘Battle 2’ from Final Fantasy IV, which is one of my favourite numbered FF titles. This track is used mainly as a boss battle theme, and is a fantastic, upbeat track to swipe along to. We also have battle themes from XI and XII, along with ‘March of the Dreadnoughts’ from Final Fantasy XIII‘s Vallis Media area. I’ve always found that particular piece of music curiously-named, and if you’ve never heard it, you can discover why below.

Final Fantasy IV – Battle 2

Final Fantasy XI – Battle Theme

Final Fantasy XII – Esper Battle

Final Fantasy XIII – March of the Dreadnoughts

This brings the tally of extra songs released as DLC to 28, and it occurs to me that I have now spent more on DLC than I did on the game itself! Madness? Possibly. But I have no real complaints at 90p a song, and as long as I continue to enjoy the game and the extra music, I’ll continue to download them. Still, the option to buy in packs for a small discount, as in many other rhythm-action titles, would be a welcome one.