PSOne Classics support has finally come to our shiny new handhelds thanks to Vita Firmware 1.80. The update, available today, allows you to transfer PS1 games from your PS3, while a store update going live tomorrow will allow you to download games directly to your Vita.

A word of warning, though: if you’ve installed your PS1 games on your PS3 and subsequently deleted the installers (the game images sitting inside little bubbles), you’ll have to re-download all of them, or they won’t show up in Content Manager, as I found out to my annoyance this afternoon.

Of course, more menu items also means more screens, and those extra screens give you a nice, handy excuse to grab some lovely wallpaper images (like my awesome Final Fantasy VI wallpaper in the above image). There’s an excellent thread on NeoGAF, linked below, that has hundreds of user-created images for you to peruse, so hit the link and go nuts. But don’t get too carried away; those PSOne Classics aren’t going to play themselves.

NeoGAF wallpaper thread: