Sega has renewed its trademark for Skies of Arcadia, their much-loved cult Dreamcast RPG. It is, along with the Shenmue games, among the Dreamcast titles most frequently requested to be made available on current download services, so this trademark renewal may herald an incoming HD update reveal.

Sega has previously signalled its intention to beef up its digital strategy, and so far we’ve seen a number of Dreamcast titles re-appear in HD on XBL, PSN and Steam, and we know of at least two more in the pipeline (Sonic Adventure 2 and Jet Set Radio, which is just two weeks away), so it’s certainly within the realms of possibility. Moreover, speaking to at GDC in March, Ben Harborne, Associate Brand Manager at Sega, confirmed that Skies of Arcadia is always being asked for, and seemed to hint that an HD port could be a possibility (skip to 7:08).

Now, I adored both my Dreamcast and Skies of Arcadia, and I certainly wouldn’t turn my nose up at it if it arrived on XBL, but I’d personally prefer to play it on Vita now. And considering that the Jet Set Radio update is making its way to Sony’s handheld, chances are good that any potential Skies re-release will as well. Let’s just hope that if it appears, it will have the same care and attention lavished upon it that Jet Set Radio HD seems to have had.