I don’t usually post about mobile games, but this one’s got me very excited; a mobile title in the new Crimson Dragon universe is coming to WP7 next Wednesday. For those not in the know, Crimson Dragon is a forthcoming XBLA Kinect title directed by Sega’s Team Andromeda alumni Yukio Futatsugi, and it’s a spiritual successor to the cult favourite Panzer Dragoon series – a series of which I am a massive, massive fan.

I’ve been patiently waiting for more news on Crimson Dragon for some time and none has been forthcoming. Indeed, it was delayed for unspecified reasons shortly before its original Japanese release date of June 13th came and went, making me wonder whether we’d see the game at all. This surprise announcement gives me hope we’ll soon hear more about it.

Getting back to the news at hand, the mobile game, imaginatively subtitled Side Story, is a sidescrolling shooter set on the planet Draco. You play as Sana, pilot of a dragon named White Reaver, and you’re on a mission to investigate a mysterious plight called Crimsonscale Disease.  Your dragon is upgradable, a feature first seen in Panzer Zwei, and the original series’ iconic lock-on laser makes a welcome return too.

The game goes live on the Windows Phone Marketplace next Wednesday (September 12th), but no price has yet been announced. Either way, count me in.