Four more tracks have gone live for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, and this week’s update is (mostly) excellent. We get final battle themes for Final Fantasies VIII, IX and X (yes, now you can aurally re-live that battle against the guy who came from nowhere, Necron!), as well as one field track – Final Fantasy IX‘s Treno theme – which I could quite frankly do without. However, that’s a very minor niggle, considering we also get ‘The Extreme’, the theme from FFVIII‘s Ultimecia battle.

This brings the current DLC total up to 44 of the promised 50 (or so?) songs promised, so it looks like we’ll soon be coming to an end of the additional content support for the game. But with around a hundred songs available in-game, it’s difficult to complain.

As always, youtube videos of the new songs are below.

Final Fantasy VIII – The Extreme

Final Fantasy IX – The Final Battle

Final Fantasy IX – Dark City Treno

Final Fantasy X – A Contest of Aeons