We have another four songs for Theatrhythm available today, bringing us up to a post-release total of 52 extra tracks. Considering that the initial plan was for around 50 DLC songs, this may well be our final update.

Like last week, we have a track from a currently unreleased Final Fantasy title (well, unreleased outside of Japan in this case), as we have the opening theme from PSP spin-off Final Fantasy Type-0. With the PSP all but dead outside of Japan, rumours have persisted that we’ll see an enhanced port for the Vita, but with the title being absent at this year’s E3, we have to wonder if we’ll ever see the game at all. Let’s hope we do, as ‘We Have Arrived’ sounds suitably epic.

Anyway, back to the task at hand, and we also have a field theme from Final Fantasy XI, Final Fantasy XII‘s ‘Boss Battle’, and from Final Fantasy XIII, ‘Desperate Struggle’. Videos, as always, follow below.

Final Fantasy Type-0 – We Have Arrived

Final Fantasy XI – Sarutabaruta

Final Fantasy XII – Boss Battle

Final Fantasy XIII – Desperate Struggle