Sony unveils super-slim PS3
Sony used its TGS conference to unveil the latest revision of their Playstation 3 hardware – one of the industry’s worst-kept secrets thanks to a series of leaks over the last few months.

The new machine carries half the weight of the original fatboy model, and is 25% smaller and 20% lighter than the current slim model. It also has a rather cheap-looking sliding disc cover.

The console will arrive in the UK in October in two flavours: a 12GB flash memory version. and a model with a 500GB hard drive. A 250GB hard drive add-on will also go on sale. Prices are so far only given in Euros – €229.99 for the 12GB, €299.99 for the 500GB, which will come bundled with a game.

HD remasters will own Hallowe’en
High definition remasters are everywhere these days, and two of the most promising conversions on the horizon will arrive this Hallowe’en. Konami’s Zone of the Enders HD Collection, comprising PS2 games Zone of the Enders and ZoE: The 2nd Runner will release on the 30th of October for PS3 and Xbox 360.

In a humourous nod to the past, Hideo Kojima’s mech combat compilation will come with a demo of  Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, mimicking the free Zone of the Enders that came with a demo of MGS2. Or was it the other way around..?

The following day will see the release of Capcom’s HD remake of the much-loved Okami on PSN. The remaster will support PS Move, 1080p resolution and comes complete with trophies, and you can expect to pay £15.99 for the pleasure. You can see the latest TGS trailer below.

Gravity Rush director hints at sequel
A sequel to Sony Japan Studio’s beautiful Gravity Rush may be on the cards. The gravity-defying adventure won Game of the Year at Tokyo Game Show’s Japan Game Awards, and when a fan tweeted director Keiichiro Toyama on Twitter to congratulate him, adding “looking forward to the sequel”, Toyama replied, “Thank you! I’ll do my best on the sequel.”

When pressed for more, Toyama only replied, “It’s a secret.”. Ok, so it’s very far from confirmation, but hopefully we will be seeing that sequel at some point – as I’ve mentioned before, Gravity Rush is one of my favourite games so far this year, and it certainly left some unresolved story threads for a sequel to tie up. Japan Studio are currently working on Vita 3rd person action game Soul Sacrifice with ex-Capcom man Keiji Inafune, so maybe we’ll hear more once the spine-ripping adventure launches.

Kingdom Hearts PS3 collection announced
Square-Enix has unveiled Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix for PS3, a compilation of Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, Kingdom Hearts -Re: Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.

The Final Mix version of the first Kingdom Hearts game was a Japanese-exclusive re-release of the original with added content, and the version of Chain of Memories in this collection will be an update of the PS2 release of the original GameBoy Advance game. Aaaand breathe…

Bizarrely, according to speculation, the collection will apparently contain only the cutscenes from DS title 358/2 Days, rather than being a full playable game. I’m sure this will be clarified when more details are available.

I’ve never played a Kingdom Hearts game (though I have watched friends play a couple), so this may be a good introduction to the series if it makes it outside of Japan.