Persona 4: Golden has finally been given a release window outside of Japan. In the US, it will release on November 20th, while Europe will have to wait until the spring, with no firm date given.

Golden is an enhanced port of PS2 dungeon crawler/school days sim Persona 4, and includes a number of enhancements, such as new difficulty levels and the ability to explore the town at night, with all-new conversation options and jobs. PS2 veterans will also appreciate the ability to speed through cutscenes and dialogue, and loading times have been sped up throughout. Unfortunately for purists, the localised version will not feature a Japanese language option.

Hopefully we’ll see a bit of an uptick in Vita sales when this game finally reaches our stores, as was seen in Japan. Granted, it’s a pretty niche title, but handhelds tend to thrive on niche titles – notably jRPGs.