Machinima Prime have posted up the first episode of Halo 4 companion web series Forward Unto Dawn.

This initial episode introduces us to the UNSC cadets of Corbulo academy as they train to join the war against the Insurrectionists (for those of you not familiar with Halo lore, before the Human-Covenant War, the UNSC was fighting rebel human colonies that wanted to break away from Earth), and we get to know a little about our protagonist Thomas Lasky, a young cadet who doesn’t see violence as the solution.

Forward Unto Dawn ties in to the storyline of Halo 4 (and indeed, we get a direct link in the opening moments of this first episode), and I can’t wait to see how deep it goes in the coming weeks. Going by this first episode, the series must have cost a fortune – it looks absolutely incredible, and tonally it’s like Halo seen through a Battlestar reboot lens. I think I’m going to love it.

See the first episode below – and be sure to hit that 720p button!