If you’re not that into Halo, you probably don’t know a great deal about Forge mode. Luckily, Gamespot have today uploaded a video to help you fill this gap in your knowledge.

Hosted by 343i lead multiplayer level designer Kynan Pearson and Lori Zawada of Certain Affinity (long know for their work on Halo MP maps), it’s ten minutes of Forge-y goodness, detailing everything from basic item placement to the new ‘player trait zones’, which allow you to define gameplay and player parameters within customisable spaces.

Probably my favourite things in the video are the new, dedicated duplication button (allowing you to immediately spawn another of the last item you placed) and the magnets that allow you to snap pieces together. I spent a lot of time in Forge on both Halo 3 and Reach (I made a massive bridge in Forge World, linking the hangar and island that took days), and lining pieces of scenery up in the former was a massive headache. This was massively improved in Reach, and now Halo 4‘s implementation looks to be completely stress-free!

Halo 4 will ship with three dedicated Forge maps, each which their own distinct style and unique objects, and the walkthrough takes place on one of these called ‘Impact’. 343 Industries’ first title in what will be known as ‘The Reclaimer Trilogy’ is now less than a month away. I can’t wait!