I’m back! And so is Forward Unto Dawn! Well, technically it was back a few days ago, but I’ve been busy since getting back – as well as the usual surge of mundanity that comes with a return from holiday, I’ve been catching up with friends, attending the MCM Expo (where I met the lovely Ali Hillis and Courtenay Taylor), and today my Microsoft Surface arrived!

But now I’m back on duty, and though I’m a few days behind, I don’t like the idea of a gap in my Forward Unto Dawn coverage. As such, I’m catching up with episode 4, in which we finally see more of the Covenant forces attacking Corbulo, as well as the Master Chief doing what he does best. I have to say, the production company absolutely nailed the portrayal of the Elites – they’re massive, imposing, and genuinely terrifying for the shell-shocked cadets of Corbulo Academy. We also get some very quick glances at Jackals, and the effects work is great – we’re able to pick out needler and carbine rounds whizzing past the character’s heads.

This is easily the best episode of the webseries to date, and it makes me a little disappointed that after this week’s episode, it’ll all be over. At least I have the extended edition to look forward to in my Halo 4 limited edition, but seriously – someone commission a TV series!

See Forward Unto Dawn episode 4 below, and don’t forget to hit that 720p button.