Today is the day that Vita owners finally get their hands on Sega’s HD remaster of much-loved skate-n’-tag-’em-up Jet Set Radio.

It was released two months ago onto PSN and XBL, with the Vita port at the time expected to follow in October, only for it to be delayed. It’s absolutely been worth the wait though; it looks spectacular – colours really pop on that five inch OLED screen (as you can see in the screenshot captured directly from my Vita, above) and the game looks beautifully clean and smooth. This may even be the best I’ve seen the game look, and it’s hard to discount the ability to play it wherever, whenever.

Jet Set Radio is on the PSN store now for the princely sum of £6.49, and perhaps owing to the difference in release dates between the Vita and PS3 versions, it is not available on Cross Buy. But it’s still worth every penny – in fact, I’ve now bought this game three times!

Also out today for the handheld is Digital Reality/Grasshopper Manufacture shooter Sine Mora. After originally going up for the rather expensive price of £11.99, it has now been corrected and stands at a much more palatable £7.99 price point. There are apparently significant differences between the handheld and PS3 versions, and as such this title is also not available on a buy-one, get-both deal.

This of course isn’t the only Vita action taking place this week, as PlayStation Plus launches for the handheld too, with games such as Uncharted: Golden Abyss and the excellent, excellent (did I mention it’s excellent?) Gravity Rush being added to the Instant Game Collection. Plus on Vita ties into its big brother, so you’re not expected to take on two subscriptions. I think the service is really going to represent fantastic value for those with both consoles in the coming months.

Vita sales are still pretty languid, but it’s great to see Sony supporting it with services like this. Of course, it may not bring in new buyers, but it’s great for existing owners to see the platform holder getting behind the handheld.