Level-5’s gorgeous collaboration with Studio Ghibli, beautiful RPG adventure Ni No Kuni now has a demo available on the UK PSN. This was announced on Monday, and I think this is the quickest turn around from announcement to availability that I’ve seen.

I’m currently downloading the demo now; it’s 2.6GB, so will no doubt take the better part of the day to finish downloading (why is my PS3 so slow!?). I’m planning a write-up once I’ve played it, so that will probably be up some time tomorrow  – be sure to come back then if you’re interested enough to read about it, but too disinterested to download it.

As for what the demo contains, I don’t yet know: I’ve seen two separate demos of Ni No Kuni this year, one at May’s London MCM Expo (which contained the two scenarios ‘First steps in a Faraway Kingdom’ and ‘Hamelin: City of Machines’, home of the famous gammon cannon), and another at September’s Eurogamer Expo, which contained a further two scenarios (a forested section and an ascent up a volcano). My guess is we’ll get one these two demos, seeing as the code is already done and tested. Which one it will be, I don’t know; I could do some reading around forums and find out, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise for myself.

I’ve got the rather expensive Wizard’s Edition on pre-order, so hopefully my experience with the demo will be a positive one. Come back tomorrow to find out. Ooh, the suspense!