In celebration of the 25th anniversary of Square-Enix’s much-loved RPG series (which was actually last year…), the Japanese publisher has teamed up with the chaps over at PlayStation Network to offer a mammoth sale on all things Final Fantasy.

Starting this Wednesday (January 23rd), the sale will run for a week and see discounts of up to 50% applied to the store’s Final Fantasy inventory, which includes almost all of the titles from the 1987 original up to 2000’s Final Fantasy IX. The only gap in the line-up is Final Fantasy III; a PSP port of the Nintendo DS remake has only recently been added to PSN (and currently costs £11.99). I’m guessing Sony didn’t want to discount a new title quite so quickly.

Also in the sale are spin-off titles Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions and Dissidia Final Fantasy, but curiously absent is the latter’s prequel, Duodecim, though it’s prologue/demo Prologus is included. The PlayStation Blog (which lists all the titles in the sale as well as their expected prices) has duplicate links for both Dissidia and Prologus, so perhaps this was a mistake and the newer game will be on sale too. You can find the sale page from the PS Blog linked at the bottom of this piece.
[EDIT – this was indeed an error, and Dissidia Duodecim is now a part of the sale at a price of £7.99]

I’m always excited when I see a Final Fantasy sale on PSN. Then I have to remind myself that I have almost all of the games on offer; the only ones I’m missing are Final Fantasies II, III, and IV Complete Collection, though I own a lovely boxed copy of the latter on PSP. I also do not own Dissidia, but seeing as I have Duodecim (both physical ‘Legacy Edition’ and digital PSN copy), there’s no need – the prequel also includes a reworked version of the original game’s story.

Still, I can’t very well jam the FFIV UMD into my Vita, so I may well grab that on Wednesday for £7.99, along with Final Fantasy II at £3.99. Click through the link below to see the full list of titles and reductions. What, if anything, will you be buying?

PlayStation Blog Final Fantasy Sale: