A new trailer has emerged for BioShock Infinite, this one in the style of a (very short) documentary that aims to demystify the floating city of Columbia that makes up the game’s setting.

The trailer/doc is only two minutes long, so doesn’t offer much detail, but it seems like it could be the first in a series that will lead us up to the release of Irrational’s latest in March. This trailer covers Columbia’s early years, from its inception to its disappearance after an international incident leads it to secede from the United States.

We also get a glimpse at a few items supposedly liberated from a fallen chunk of Columbia, and I wonder if these are the things that help get our protagonist Booker onto the floating island; there’s a Columbia passport, a ‘Murder of Crows’ bottle (one of the game’s ‘vigors’ – essentially Infinite’s version of plasmids), as well as Booker’s grappling hook device that allows him to ride the city’s Skyline.

I’m really looking forward to BioShock Infinite, so I’m going to have to clear out some of my backlog in time for its release on March 26th. You can see the new documentary-style trailer below.