BioWare’s Casey Hudson, exec producer of the Mass Effect series, and producer Michael Gamble have each tweeted an image from the forthcoming next piece of downloadable content for 2012’s Mass Effect 3.

Hudson’s twitpic, below, shows a casino environment, and it looks as though Shepard and Wrex are conversing in the background. Hudson said of the image, “Looks like a nice place for some R&R…”

Meanwhile, Gamble’s image showed a fully-armoured krogan warrior wielding something that looks like a Halo-style gravity hammer. Gamble’s line accompanying the image was, “Does not look like a guy you’d want to mess with…” Seems like sensible advice to me.

Speaking about this latest slice of DLC, BioWare has previously stated that “It’s all hands on deck for this one.”, with apparently eight writers working on the content, and both Seth Green (Joker) and BioWare voice work veteran Raphael Sbarge (Kaidan) have let it slip that they’ve recorded lines for it. One of the composers, Sam Hulick (who scored the ending themes of the main game) also confirmed he was onboard for the as yet unannounced content, stating, “Tossing in piano and muted strings for this one particular piece. High potential for tears.”.

I’m interested to see what this next piece of DLC will be about, but as things stand I’m far behind on that front; I named Mass Effect 3 at number 3 in my GOTY article a few weeks back, but I played it at release, when the only available DLC was ‘From Ashes’, which introduced a Prothean party member to the roster. I have not yet seen the ‘Extended Cut’ ending, nor ‘Leviathan’ or ‘Omega’. I’m not fond of launching DLC from a save point of a completed adventure, so I’m saving these for a future playthrough – perhaps a full trilogy run-through? Though this will mean playing Mass Effect for a fifth time and Mass Effect 2 for a fourth time… and still my backlog grows!

BioWare Montreal are currently working on a new title in the Mass Effect universe, and while I really can’t imagine where that is going to slot into the fiction, I am interested to see what else can be incorporated into the third game. When I come to play Mass Effect 3 again, there should be a fairly large amount of new content for me to get to grips with, including this new, apparently meaty DLC. What are your thoughts on more content for the trilogy finale?

Casey Hudson’s tweet

Michael Gamble’s tweet

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