The PlayStation Vita will be one year old this month (the 22nd, to be precise), and to celebrate the milestone, the lovely PSN chaps are throwing a party – a party disguised as a nice big sale on Vita titles.

The sale begins tomorrow, February 6th, and runs for two weeks. Selected Vita titles will be discounted by up to 50% during this period, and there’s a pretty lengthy list of games to choose from (see the PS Blog link at the bottom for the full list), but there’s unfortunately nothing that takes my fancy.

That said, it’s a very nice gesture, and it’s always good to see Sony trying to promote the Vita a little more; granted, no one’s going to see an ad for this sale on TV, but through word of mouth it may sell a couple more consoles.

It’s hard to believe I’ve had my Vita almost a year now. Where does the time go? I’m sure I’ll be saying the same thing, but for vastly different reasons, when I get my hands on Persona 4 Golden in a few weeks!

Image from the PlayStation Blog. See the full list of Vita birthday discounts there: