A very short video has appeared online, showing off some of the work that has been done to bring Final Fantasy X up to HD resolutions.

A remaster of the 2001 PS2 game was announced back at TGS 2011 for PS3 and PS Vita, but nothing has been heard of it since, so it’s a bit of a surprise to see this video appear seemingly out of the blue. The footage was shown as part of a Japan-focused Vita Heaven conference, and was just a quick look at the character models of Tidus and Yuna in all their Hi-Def glory. You can also see Bahamut and Yojimbo in the background of the video embedded below, and Famitsu managed to take some screengrabs, which I have linked at the bottom.

Ok, so it’s not much to go on, but it certainly looks nice and sharp, and richly detailed. Perhaps it’s just me, but Yuna’s facial structure seems to have been subtly altered. When the camera gets in close, she looks a bit… boyish. I don’t know… maybe it is just me. Either way, what little we see of the game looks fantastic, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it; FFX HD was one of the main reasons I bought a PlayStation Vita (despite the fact that I replayed it on PS2 only about a year ago) – I utterly love FFX, it’s among my favourite Final Fantasy titles, along with IV, VII and IX.

Whether the game is still due for PS3 is unclear (to me, at least; I can’t tell if it’s mentioned in the embedded video), and there’s also no hint of a release window. That they’ve chosen only to show a small amount of in-engine character modelling, rather than gameplay footage, could mean that not much has been accomplished so far. I hope that’s not the case, as I really want to replay Final fantasy X soon. I just hope they’ve re-rendered those gorgeous cutscenes in a higher resolution and got rid of that horrid motion blur that served to hide so much of the detail in the PS2 original.

See Famitsu’s screengrabs: