psmIn a little under four-and-a-half hours (11pm GMT), Sony’s PlayStation Meeting will begin in New York.

It’s expected that the Tokyo company will unveil it’s next generation home console and give us all a taste of what we can expect from home console gaming in the years to come.

I’m not going to go into all the rumours that have been doing the rounds lately, as they’ve been done to death, but I am hoping we’ll get more than just a simple unveiling and a quick look at the device’s casing. Some game announcements and footage would be lovely, but I’m doubtful that we’ll get pricing and release information today – that will probably be left for a larger E3 blow-out in June.

I would also hope that Sony don’t forget their handheld this evening. Sure, the focus is going to be on their new platform (and rightly so), but they could surely set aside a few minutes to announce a couple of new Vita games and talk about how it might interact with its new big brother.

Other than that, I’m going in with a very open mind, and though I’m trying to temper my expectations I have to admit I’m pretty excited – these kinds of events don’t come around all that often, after all. The event will be live-streamed all over the net, so pick your gaming site of choice, or alternatively follow the link below to watch it on Sony’s official site. And share a comment to let me know how excited (or otherwise) you are, and what you expect from tonight’s extravaganza.

Sony’s official PlayStation Meeting site: