PlayStation Vita exclusive action-RPG-type-thing Soul Sacrifice releases in Europe on April 30th, but we’ll have an opportunity to try out the game as early as next week. An update on the PlayStation Blog has announced that a demo will hit PSN in just five days – that’s April 17th, so mark those calendars, people!

Soul Sacrifice is on my radar because it’s a collaboration between ex-Capcom chap Keiji Inafune and Sony’s Japan Studio (who have my attention for giving me my beloved Gravity Rush). The game heavily features the theme of sacrifice (obviously); players can choose to sacrifice their own body parts for powerful weapons, or the lives of other players that have been downed in its four-player co-op mode. This should mean that you really have to think about how best to augment your character as resources are finite.


Graphically it looks pretty impressive, and I’m hoping it’ll be something to give my console a bit of a workout. By the sounds of it, it’ll give me a bit of a workout as well; the developers have stated that they set out to make a tough game, and it’s dark fantasy setting, themes of sacrifice and loss and monster designs that look like they’ve taken a little inspiration from Dark Souls seem to visually reinforce this – it looks like it might be a bit hard.

The PS Blog teased a little of what we can expect from next week’s demo:

It begins from the depths of despair, with you playing as a slave to be sacrificed, owned and imprisoned by a ruthless mage.
The looming promise of certain death is interrupted by the appearance of a mysterious “book.” The tome, inexplicably able to think and speak, introduces itself as “Librom”.
It claims to hold a special power, allowing those who read it to experience what’s written within…

There’s also the first part of an interview with main man Keiji Inafune on the PS Blog that you can see below. I do have to take issue with his assertion that his game will be the first ever to offer meaningful, emotional choices, though…

The Japanese release of Soul Sacrifice last month gave a massive boost to the Vita’s sales performance, so let’s hope it can do the same here when it launches at the end of this month.

PS Blog announcement: