x2yrpA while back we had our first official trailer of the PS3/Vita remaster of much-loved jRPG Final Fantasy X. The short teaser seemed to hint that the release would be more than just a simple upscaling for modern displays, and that it’d truly live up to the term ‘remaster’ that Square-Enix used to describe it. It also confirmed the rumour that direct sequel Final Fantasy X-2 would be included, though it did not show any footage from that game. I wondered at the time whether X-2 was a recent addition, and that perhaps the developers had not yet started work on it.

Well, today we can see what they’ve been doing, and the results are stunning. Over on the Square-Enix blog, a number of images from the remastered X-2 have been published, and it’s pretty amazing how clean, clear and beautiful they look. Take a look at this shot of Paine for an example. Make sure to click each image for the full-size version.


I think these shots look even better than the Final Fantasy X HD screens! Here’s another shot, this time of Rikku, because everyone loves Rikku, right?


It’s interesting to see just how intricate some of the original artwork is, with details emerging that perhaps weren’t particularly apparent upon the game’s original release. Just take a look at this image of the Gullwing’s airship, the Celsius; there’s some incredibly intricate detail in there.


It looks like Square-Enix are doing a fantastic job so far on this remaster, and they’re certainly doing the original art and assets justice – some elements on show here look almost on par with some current-gen games, especially the fantastic character models. I can’t wait to get stuck back into the world of Spira, and as I’ve never played Final Fantasy X-2 before (despite having a copy on my shelf), it’s going to be a nice mix of nostalgia and novelty. Now all we need is a release date!

Follow the link to the S-E Blog for a couple more screens.

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