WP_20130510_005Today, the wait is over. Persona 4 Arena, the gorgeous-looking fighting game jointly made by Atlus and Arc System Works (they of Guilty Gear/Blazblue fame) has finally made it to European shores. The game was delayed for almost a year (having released in Japan last June and the States in August), and was the subject of much fan anger after it became the first PS3 game to be region locked, ensuring that European gamers looking to import the game had little choice but to wait for today.

Atlus have described Persona 4 Arena as a canonical sequel to Persona 4, with a storyline taking place in that game’s rural town of Inaba two months after P4‘s end. A number of Persona 4 characters make their return in Arena, as well as some characters from previous title Persona 3. I’m tempted to fire it up right now, but as I’ve not yet finished Persona 4 Golden, I’m wary the ending will be spoiled for me, so I will have to be patient. This didn’t stop me from pre-ordering the Limited Edition, however. So let’s have a look what’s inside.

WP_20130510_004Here’s the OST, Limited Edition box and the game itself. The standard copy also comes with the same soundtrack disc.

WP_20130510_006Here we have a Teddie and Midnight Channel keyring, as well as a set of Chie’s badges.

WP_20130510_009Lastly, we have a lovely canvas tote bag (which I’m sure I’ll never use, but hey, it looks nice), an artwork card and a 300-piece P4A jigsaw puzzle! I doubt I’ll ever complete the puzzle – where would I put it? As I understand it, the image on the artwork card depicts the finished puzzle.

Many will be worried that much of the competitive audience will have moved on in the 10/11 months since Persona 4 Arena launched in other territories. For me, it’s not an issue – I’ll most likely be playing it solo to enjoy the story once I finally finish P4G. If you’re interested, and not put off by the lengthy delay, go and grab a copy!