Well, technically one year and one day, as the blog’s first anniversary was yesterday. Unfortunately, I was busy yesterday, so there.

It’s a little strange to think I’ve been doing this for a year now (even if I have been slacking off a bit recently). I didn’t really start this blog with any kind of goal in mind; I just wanted to write for the enjoyment of it, and talk about whatever I happened to find interesting within the world of videogames on any given day. Hopefully I’ve entertained a few people that have stumbled across Push Start over the last year, and I’d like to say thanks to everyone that’s read, liked, commented and subscribed for doing so. I only have one regular commenter (thanks Dan!), so I don’t know how many (if any) regular readers I have here; if you’re a regular, sound off in the comments so I can thank you personally, and feel free to offer any constructive criticism. Remember, I said constructive!

I’m aware that recently there have been some rather large gaps between articles on here, and this isn’t something I’m happy about. I’ve touched briefly on the ‘why’ a couple of times – there’s just not much going on at the moment that interests me enough to write about it – but I’d still like to be getting more done. So moving forward, I have a new idea for a mini-series of articles that will hopefully start to materialize in the next couple of days. I’m anticipating four parts to this series, so stay tuned for the first one in a day or two.

Thanks again,