xboxngJust a quick, friendly reminder that Microsoft will be unveiling the next generation Xbox today in a livestream from their Redmond Campus. It will go live at 6pm BST, and you can watch it all unfold on your 360 (so long as you’re connected, of course) or on your gaming site of choice.

I wonder what we’ll see tonight? Bright flashing lights and loads of dubstep are highly probable, but let’s hope Microsoft leave the celebrities in their homes this time out. Actually, I’ve just had a thought: the 360 was introduced live on MTV by Frodo Baggins. Clearly they’re going to launch its successor with Bilbo Baggins. Right? Right??

But we have bigger questions: What will it be called? What will it look like (surely Microsoft will show the system, who’d be crazy enough to launch a console without showing it? Oh…)? Will it even play games at all!?!?! Of course it will, let’s not be a bunch of mentals.

I’m looking forward to seeing what games Microsoft are going to unveil alongside the machine, and Xbox exec Aaron Greenberg has previously told the press that the platform holder has “tons” of exclusives in the works. He added, though, that E3 will likely be the place we’ll see them. Hopefully they won’t be so short-sighted as to not show any games today…

Either way, this evening we’ll know. Hold onto your pants, people.