This past weekend, the bi-annual MCM London Expo took place at London’s ExCel Centre, and as usual, I was there. I had been planning to throw a few words together about the event, but it was so incredibly packed that I just didn’t get much done. The Expo is certainly getting bigger every year, but I’m starting to think it’s outgrown its traditional venue. I did get to sit in for a short time on a talk about forthcoming PS3 exclusive The Last of Us, helmed by Naughty Dog creative director Neil Druckmann and game director Bruce Straley. Also in attendance was Ashley Johnson, voice of the game’s heroine, Ellie. Unfortunately, I had to run off to a signing before the end of the talk, and so missed a live gameplay demo. I did get to meet Mark Meer, however, voice of Mass Effect’s male Commander Shepard, and I’ll put up a pic of that in a separate post.

Something you can’t fail to see plenty of at the Expo is cosplayers, so I decided I’d showcase some of the ones I saw last Saturday. So let’s take a look. Be sure to click through the pics to see them in full size.

Samara, Mass Effect 2/3

Weeping Angel, Doctor Who

Juliet starling, Lollipop Chainsaw, by Essy Ex

Predator, Predator franchise

Sophie and Pascal, Tales of Graces

Severus Snape, Harry Potter franchise, by Kevin Cudmore

Super Mario and Luigi Karts! Mario Kart franchise

Selphie (SeeD uniform) and Dagger, Final Fantasy VIII/IX

Doctor Octopus and Spider-Man, Spider-Man franchise

And of course, no Expo would be complete without Pedobear, here accompanied by The Mask!

Look at that Doc Ock! It looks like those arms have been photoshopped in, but this guy actually turned up like that! And those wearable karts! Fantastic idea. It was also nice to see some Tales of fans turning up in support – we also saw a couple cosplaying Luke and Tear from Tales of the Abyss, but couldn’t get a picture thanks to the crowds. Hopefully this means the Namco-Bandai franchise is seeing increased interest over here.

I was also expecting to see some Persona 4 cosplay, given the recent release of the enhanced Vita remake and Persona 4: The Animation. Maybe October? I just hope the crowds aren’t quite so overwhelming come the winter.

Should you happen to see yourself in one of these pics, please let me know so I can credit you, or ask for removal if you don’t want to be seen here.