lightret_editedLightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, the final part of Square-Enix’s Final Fantasy XIII Saga, has been pushed into next year for Europe and the US. It will launch on Feb 11th in the States and Valentines Day here in EuropeLand, but may still make its late-2013 release date in Japan.

The news comes at the end of a new trailer that also shows Snow returning, and just like Noel, he seems to want to fight Lightning as well. Or maybe Lightning wants to fight him, who can tell. Below is the trailer.

More work for Troy Baker? He’s in everything these days! I hereby declare Troy Baker the new Nolan North. This suits me, as he’s probably my favourite male VA right now.

It’s a pretty swish trailer, though I do wonder how Snow and Noel come to be in this time, 500 years after the events of the last game. When Sazh turned up in XIII-2, apparently for no other reason than to give Serah and Noel a lift, it just seemed like a completely random cameo – how the hell did he and Dajh get there?! I guess it’s something to do with the DLC I didn’t play, but still… Hopefully there’ll be fewer narrative gaps this time.

Also of note is that Lumina, the mysterious girl who looks like Serah, doesn’t sound like she’s voiced by Laura Bailey. But then she does have a remarkably changeable voice (just compare Star Ocean: The Last Hope‘s Welch Vineyard with Gears of War 3: RAAM’s Shadow‘s Alicia Valera!). I’m interested to find out more about this new character and what her role in the story will be.

I’m also interested to see how the new battle system performs; it seems to be something of a mix between the current XIII-series battle system and that of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, so it’ll be interesting to see how it handles, especially considering that Lightning looks to be battling alone throughout.

I suppose I’ll have to get the limited edition (if there is to be one) to go with the rest of my XIII collection. Then I’ll need it signed, to fit in…
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The trailer is titled “E3 2013 Trailer”, so it’s safe to say that we’ll be seeing more of Lightning Returns in a matter of days.