At Sony’s February unveiling for the PlayStation 4, Square-Enix appeared on stage to announce a new Final Fantasy title was in development for the forthcoming console. They promised we’d hear more at E3. Yesterday, at Sony’s E3 briefing, they upheld that promise.

Yup, the old rumours are true; Versus XIII is now Final Fantasy XV, and it’s also now a next-gen game.

I’m not sure how I feel about this. Don’t get me wrong, I’m ecstatic that Versus XIII still exists; I’ve always loved the look of it from an art design perspective, and I like the idea of a Final Fantasy set in a ‘recognisable’ modern setting. But I was kind of hoping Versus XIII still existed and that FFXV would be its own game. Basically I wanted more Final Fantasy. I’m greedy, you see.

Putting all that aside, the trailer looks absolutely stunning. A mix of pre-rendered and seemingly in-game footage, the game still appears to follow the same scenario that was outlined when Versus XIII was first announced; we play as Noctis, the son of a rather important chap who is the guardian of a powerful crystal. Some nefarious types want to steal that crystal, and Noctis isn’t happy about it. He shows us just how badly he’s taking it by flying around the environment in a very balletic manner, and he also appears to be able to teleport quite some distance, throwing himself through the air to strike an enemy or land on an airship. And what’s with that massive water dragon thing!? It looks like it could be the summon Leviathan…

Noctis also seems to have a few friends helping him out, but it’s unclear yet whether they’ll always be around – Noctis seems to run off on his own a lot, which makes me wonder if this is a party-based game, or whether the other characters just show up every now and then to offer their help. As for the environments, they certainly are a notch up from the game’s previous showings, and they seem to be very dynamic, with vehicles zooming through the air and massive moving set pieces that it seems Noctis can clamber all over – about three quarters of the way through the trailer, Leviathan-thing is laying waste to the city, with buildings moving and shifting, and Noctis clinging to a statue as it crashes into a cathedral-style dome.

It all looks incredibly action-packed and not much like a Final Fantasy game at all. Perhaps that’s a good thing – many people think the series needs a shake up, after all. I think it looks fantastic though, and I can’t wait to see more and learn about how exactly it plays.

I’ve seen some sources on the internet earlier today reporting that Final Fantasy XV would be a PlayStation 4 exclusive, and I had to wonder where they got that information; I sat up ’til gone 4am watching the PS4 conference and at no point was the game said to be exclusive. Right after the XV announcement, it was mentioned that MMO Final Fantasy XIV would come to PS4 (as well as the currently planned PS3 version), and these games were mentioned to be PlayStation exclusive – perhaps that’s where the confusion came from. It has since been announced that Final Fantasy XV is indeed coming to both PS4 and Xbox One.

Also announced in the same conference was the long-awaited Kingdom Hearts 3. The short teaser runs through the previous titles in the series before we see series hero Sora lifting his trademark keyblade and engaging in a short bit of acrobatic combat. You can see the trailer below, and this one is also coming to both PS4 and XBO.

I’ve never played a Kingdom Hearts game so I can’t say much about it, but I know it has a large and dedicated fanbase that has been calling for Kingdom Hearts 3 for some time. I’m sure Square-Enix’s two announcements last night made a lot of people very happy indeed, and it’s good to see that both games will also be multi-platform.

So, who’s looking forward to these?