The postman has just made my day.


Yes, my copy of Naughty Dog’s latest, The Last of Us, has arrived! As you can see, I got the Ellie Edition, and I’ll throw some images up a bit later to show you what’s inside the box. But now it’s time to fire up the game!

UPDATE – I’ve played a couple of hours now, and I’m a very happy gamer! The opening, which I won’t spoil, has surely got to be among the best videogame openings I’ve ever seen. It’s certainly much darker than any of the Uncharted series in terms of atmosphere – tonally, it reminds me of Telltale’s The Walking Dead; it feels very different from Naughty Dog’s past games in a lot of ways, which is exactly what I wanted.

I won’t say any more for fear of giving anything away, so here are those images I promised earlier!

Here’s the survival kit packaging out of the box:

And here it is opened up:

With (most of) its contents spilled. Left to right: TLoU mini comic; Naughty Dog sticker; Ellie controller skin; Ellie Edition game case.

A closer look at that controller skin:

You also get a nice large screen print effect poster, printed on stiff, thick paper:

Lastly, the item I bought the limited edition for, the hardback art book:

As tempted as I am to sit and leaf through that art book right now, I’ll be leaving it until I’ve finished the game; I’ve had a couple of plot points from other games ruined for me by looking through their art books and seeing certain designs of things that crop up later in the game.

You also get some extra downloadable gubbins that I’ll probably never even redeem:
Ellie Sackgirl costume for LBP
Sights and Sounds Pack (dynamic theme, soundtrack, 2 PSN avatars)
Survival Pack (MP extras, such as bonus XP and character skins)

It’s a nice set, and I’m looking forward to flicking through both the art book and mini comic once I’m done with the game – which I intend to take my sweet time with!