Namco-Bandai have published a new trailer for this week’s release of Tales of Xillia. The clip, called ‘Two Heroes, Two Nations, One Destiny’, focuses on the RPG’s dual protagonists Milla and Jude, as well as the two warring countries seen in the game. I suppose ‘one destiny’ refers to the characters coming together to save their world.

What’s interesting is the length of the trailer: at around 30 seconds, it’s perfect for TV. Will we actually see television advertising for this instalment of the long running franchise? I certainly hope so, but given the game will be released in five days (in Europe; two days in the US), they’d be leaving it a little late. I’m already very excited for Tales of Xillia (I’ve even switched my pre-order to the Special Milla edition, despite already owning this), but seeing an ad on TV would probably push me over the edge.

I’m also ready to get stuck in as soon as it turns up, as I’ve finally finished Tales of Graces f. Indeed, my backlog is finally starting to see some traction, as I’ve also finished The Witcher and made a start on its sequel. Now all I need to do is finish some more games before adding any more – not an easy proposition with new consoles on the horizon!