Yes, Tales of Xillia is here! The game isn’t officially out until tomorrow, but a lovely courier just dropped off my Milla Collectors Ed a little while ago. I’m working on an unboxing/quick look video, but here’s a quick sneaky peek until I can get it up on youtube. I’ll update this post when the video has been published.

EDIT – The video is now live! Watch it below:

When the Day One and Collectors Edition were announced, I said that I’d just get the D1 edition as I already had a Milla figure. Well, I changed my mind, ok? It was Namco-Bandai’s fault, really: they published some shots of the Milla figure on Facebook and pointed out that reception of the Milla Edition would influence future Tales of special editions. Way to manipulate me, Bamco!

Anyway, have a couple of bonus shots, including a nice close-up of the Milla figure, and if you’re getting Xillia this week, enjoy!