Early Access began today for Square-Enix’s reborn MMO, and my limited edition pre-order copy decided it’d be a nice coincidence to arrive at my door. Another day, another limited edition!

So what’s in the (rather big) box, you ask? Let’s take a look.

The first thing to notice is the box itself (on the left, with the cardboard slip cover on the right): it’s like an old big-box PC game! And it needs to be large, to house what’s inside it.

ARR box

Within, we have the game and security token on one side (with the six-track soundtrack and pack of five art cards hidden behind), and on the right, a glorious art book!

ARR book

I’ve complained (mildly) before about paperback artbooks that tend to come with limited edition games, but FFXIV:ARR‘s included artbook is more like the kind you’d find on sale separately. Titled ‘The Art of Eorzea: A Realm Reimagined’, it’s hardback, printed on thick, glossy stock and though it only runs for 80 pages, the size of the book means the designers can pack a ton of art into a single page. I’ve only had a brief flick through it so far, but it looks to be filled with beautiful art work. Here’s a couple of examples. Click through to see the full size images.

ARR bookimg1

ARR bookimg2

Finally, here’s a shot of the box and all of its contents – the art book, the game, the five art cards, soundtrack CD and security token. Also of note is a second disc in the game box called ‘Waning of the Sixth Sun’, which I believe tells the story of the original release of FFXIV and the events that lead up to its endgame, culminating in the birth of A Realm Reborn‘s Seventh Umbral Era. It comes on a blu ray disc, but I’ve yet to check it out. Anyway, here’s that pic I promised.

ARR contents

As I mentioned above, early access for pre-ordered copies began today. I’ve yet to jump back in, but if you’re playing and happen to be on the Odin server, look out for Khroma Midgard. That’ll be me.

Happy adventuring!