Well, it’s been a week already. I didn’t plan to have two editions of Postcards from Eorzea rubbing shoulders, but alas a busy week has meant exactly that. I’m about to head out to the Eurogamer Expo, however, so hopefully I’ll have a few things to write about this weekend.

This week on Postcards from Eorzea: Me. On a Chocobo. That’s about it really. I’m quite fond of this screenshot though; I think it’s rather well composed and I love the sense of perspective. Just look at that path stretching all the way to the horizon. It invites exploration. Click through for the full-size image.

Khroma Midgard 12_09_2013 15_40_09

There was a video a while back that showed a tour around Eorzea, and in it a group on Chocobo-back were riding through this same area, so I thought I’d try to recreate it with just myself. I took this one a few weeks ago, so I can’t remember exactly where it was, though I’m fairly sure it was somewhere in La Noscea, the lands around the city-state of Limsa Lominsa. It’s an area I still need to explore more; my character, Khroma Midgard, began his journey in the leafy environs of Gridania, and much of the quest recently has taken in the sandy lands of Ul’Dah. My intention this coming week is to get to know the area around Limsa better.

Feel free to share your own postcards from Eorzea, and let me know in the comments what you think of Naoki Yoshida and his team’s world. I’ll share another of my shots next week.