Welcome back to postcards from Eorzea! Today, I’ll be showcasing one of my earliest screenshots – I did have another image in mind for this week, but I forgot to get it off of my PS3 hard drive, so I’m going to use one I have in reserve. This week, I present to you ‘Dol Blathanna?’

Khroma Midgard 07_09_2013 15_37_25

I’m mixing up my franchises a bit here. Fans of the Witcher universe will know that Dol Blathanna is the ‘kingdom’ of the supposedly free elves in Andrzej Sapkowski’s universe, and it translates as ‘valley of the flowers’. So when I composed this pic, with my elven (well, elezen, but you know…) archer sitting in a peaceful, pastoral scene dotted with blooms, I immediately thought “Dol Blathanna!”. This was taken in the East Shroud zone of Gridania. I love Gridania. It feels like home.

Also, check out my awesome Helm of Light.

I’m mostly happy with the way this one came out, save for one thing – just as I was snapping the pic, someone ran past on their coeurl mount, and unfortunately its whiskers and tail are visible in the final image. For some reason, I couldn’t take another pic at the time; the game simply wouldn’t let me. I’m still pretty pleased with it though.

Feel free to share your own postcards from Eorzea, and let me know in the comments what you think of Naoki Yoshida and his team’s world. I’ll share another of my shots next week. To browse through this and previous editions of Postcards from Eorzea, click here.