In case you’ve been living in a cave since E3, you should know that there’s a new Killer Instinct game coming out next month for the Xbox One. If you follow my blog you’ll certainly know as I’ve mentioned a number of times how much I’m looking forward to it; after getting ten minutes on it at last month’s Eurogamer Expo I’ve been desperate to get my hands on it once again ever since.

I’ve been watching every video that goes up on Miles923‘s youtube channel (the developers have given him a lot of access to the game, inviting him into the studio on a number of occasions) and also remembering hours spent on both the SNES title and arcade original back in the mid-nineties. And it’s impossible to remember KI1 without remembering the music.

The Super Nintendo release of Killer Instinct came with a bonus disc called ‘Killer Cuts’, a 15-track compilation of the game’s various character, stage and theme remixes (well, 16 if you count the hidden ‘Humiliation!’ track tucked away at track 30). This disc contained pure, unadulterated 90s cheddar:

I had a copy of ‘Killer Cuts’, and I absolutely adored the CD when I was eleven – in fact it should still be around somewhere, so I should have a look around for it. As much as I can admit it’s pure cheese now, these tracks still bring a massive idiotic grin to my face every time I hear them – it’s an immediate, undiluted nostalgia hit and it’s unashamedly fun! (On a separate note, every time I hear the whistle part at :54 in Controlling Transmission, I can’t help but imagine Tyres dancing to it…)

Of course, it’d be a little bit disingenuous to claim the whole CD was cheesy – the main theme is still fantastically bad-ass:

Thankfully, it seems that the main theme will be returning in the new game as snippets of an updated version can be heard in a number of videos on YouTube, but what else is happening with the music for Killer Instinct‘s return? Well, luckily, the aforementioned YouTube channel of Miles293 has us covered on that count too. Have a watch of the video below to hear Jago’s new theme, as well as the game’s dynamic use of audio, depending on the on-screen action.

Now, I don’t know about you, but to me that’s pretty damn cool. The music changes depending on not just character movement, but after things like large combos and even counter breakers. How much work must have gone into each track to facilitate something like that? As for the music itself, I’m really liking the stuff you can hear in this video – it’s suitably chunky and aggressive, and though it doesn’t sound like the Killer Instinct of old, it’s a great fit for the new game. I’m excited to hear more, but I’d love to see a soundtrack come with the Ultra Edition version as a call-back to the SNES’ ‘Killer Cuts’ freebie.