It’s Hallowe’en in Eorzea!

Khroma Midgard 30_10_2013 17_20_02

Well, it has been for about a week now. And to celebrate, A Realm Reborn‘s development team have added in a few short quests that do… well, something. I don’t know what yet, as I’ve only done the first phase (which netted me a lovely spooky costume fit for the occasion). I’d better hurry up and finish the quest string, as I believe it ends tomorrow. The only problem is that I can only do it between 6pm and 6am Eorzean Time, and I keep missing out!

The picture above was taken in Mih Khetto’s Amphitheatre in Old Gridania, so here’s a bonus wider shot of the area and all its décor (and a better look at my spooky attire).

Khroma Midgard 30_10_2013 17_18_48

Things like this are a great selling point for persistent world online games; they give the players a chance to see the familiar world around them grow and change, and offer developers a chance to inject fun little things like this and play around with the date. I can’t wait to see Eorzea draped in virtual tinsel for Christmas!

Feel free to share your own postcards from Eorzea, and let me know in the comments what you think of Naoki Yoshida and his team’s world. I’ll share another of my shots next week. To browse through this and previous editions of Postcards from Eorzea, click here.