We’re two weeks out from the launch of the Xbox One, and Microsoft has published a video of Yusuf Mehdi and Marc Whitten showing off the various things you can do around the system. I’ve embedded the video below.

I must say, I really like that the new dashboard is only three main panes – pins, home and store. I don’t really have too many problems with the existing 360 dash, but I don’t think the store needed to be separated into separate panes for games, video and music – they all come under ‘store’ after all.

I also quite like the way you can have more than one person’s settings and favourites ready to go at any time and switch between them at will. This is especially handy since you can log into any Xbox One and access all your games and settings; going to a friend’s house? Sign in on their Xbox One and all your stuff is there, switchable at will!

Fast switching between games, apps and live TV also looks incredibly fast, and though I’m not yet sure how much I’ll use such features, I do find it rather impressive none-the-less. Upload Studio also looks very intuitive, and its ease-of-use should lead to plenty of videos from the community. I can’t wait to see what friends come up with, but my only worry is the relatively small amount of time the Game DVR function can capture – a maximum of five minutes.

However, I think my favourite feature shown in the video is how quick it is to minimize and resume a game. That’s a great addition, and something I do on my Vita quite a lot. The oft-derided Skype will also be a boon, I’m sure, especially in snap mode; I play Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn with a friend and we each have a separate device next to us so that we can talk on Skype while we play. Imagine playing, say, The Elder Scrolls Online on Xbox One and having a Skype conversation snapped to the side, all on one screen. That’s a useful feature as far as I’m concerned.

In two weeks, my own shiny black box will be here so I’ll be able to dive into the UI myself. Expect to see some videos then.